Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- A Powerful Tool in Athletic Performance Enhancement

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be used to help athletes in improving their performance by handling stress more effectively. A well applied cognitive behavioral approach has been found particularly helpful to athletes who may need more traditional clinical support for critical stress management, as well anxiety or clinical depression treatment. One CBT technique, also known … Read more

How To Find a Top Sports Psychology Consultant

There is a growing demand for sport psychology consultants to give that competitive edge among athletes and coaches. A sport psychology consultant helps athletes to overcome mental roadblocks and improve their overall performance. There are many different names that one can use for a person with expertise in sport psychology, such as- sports psychologists, performance … Read more

Gain Peak Performance Capability with Certified a Sport Psychology Consultant

No wonder, a fulfilled life is a dream of all and to reach that goal, having a positive view on life is a key ingredient. Still, we can’t deny the fact, people are surrounded by crises and worries and this has an impact on our mental as well as physical well-being. To reframe the life … Read more

Are Gamers Elite Performers?

Are games elite performers? Better yet, are they team oriented and versed in mental skills techniques and applications? After visiting with the Gamers doc, Dr Levi Harrison on my podcast, my perspective has shockingly changed, or been challenged to say the least! I mean, we knew we were in an era where the E3 gaming … Read more

The Houman Report

BY MONTRESE CHANDLER Until recently, Dr Richard Oelberger, a licensed Psychologist, was operating his full-time therapy practice between two offices. Now Dr. Oelberger is comfortably set up and meeting with patients in his new office located at 9171 Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills. Dr. Oelberger is Board Certified in Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology, certified in … Read more