Certified Clinical Sports Psychologist

“While the correlation between optimism and success is imperfect, there is almost perfect correlation between negative thinking and failure.“
(Rotella, 2015)
Certified Sports Psychologist

Professional sports team

Clinical Sports Psychologist

University teams or staff

Mental Health Support Services

Defining and achieving excellence and leadership in organizational culture

  • Mental skills coordinator
  • AASP- as of 2017/2018 CMPC- Certified mental performance coach
  • Exercise and performance coach
  • Peak performance coach
  • Sports psychology consultant

Sports are increasingly tied to achievement, self esteem development, and the increasingly long checklist of parenting demands on youth development and belongingness. The impact of sports on development is also significant to American culture, with youth sports and travel sports taking on increased importance and prevalence across the nation. Injuries and identity after an athletic career are also increasingly at the forefront of concerns for athletes of all levels. The purpose of this article is to highlight the expanding roles for the psychology profession in sports and working with athletes and to encourage an interest amongst professionals in greater expansion of the field and definition of clearly established training requirements.