About Richard Oelberger, PhD

Certified Mental Performance Consultant Richard Oelberger


Beyond pathology and performance, clinical psychologist, Richard Oelberger defines what it means to be human in the modern world.

Life is real. The experience of becoming a provider, a parent, a partner, and ourselves is a daunting one. Life requires more than the labeling of our histories, more than the diagnosis of our patterns or the optimization of our habits. Life demands a hero.

Before the stigma and then popularization of psychology, the commodification of wellness, and the parade of personality in the digital age, people were seen and heard at dinner tables, at their neighborhood bar, over a pitcher's mound by family and friends.

Drawing on that tradition of depth and empathy, Richard Oelberger, who hails from Rockville Centre, New York, is a clinical psychologist and PhD. Richard has become an authority on human behavior; traveling abroad in Israel, he observed, first hand, the individual consequences of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Dr. Zero

Affectionately known as "Dr. Zero" on skid row, clinical psychologist, Dr. Oelberger worked with community leaders and the Los Angeles Police Department to save hundreds of lives on the brink of suicide. Trained in time-tested and developing modalities, Richard works with men, women, athletes, teens, and trauma victims in his Los Angeles practice.

For those looking to summon the forces of healing, being, and doing, Richard Oelberger unleashes the hero within. Richard listens, so you can thrive.

Dr Zero

Richard Listens Community

RICHARD LISTENS COMMUNITY is a tribe of everyday people - from nurses to coaches, from social workers to mortgage brokers, from lawyers and doctors to writers and entertainment executives - we seek to become heroes in our own lives. Unique in our own abilities, our path to actualizing who and all that we are, is an personal one. From tragedy to triumph, we embark on a metamorphosis to overcome challenges for ourselves, for our families, for our communities - in the real world. Look for updates on the Richard Listens Community coming in 2021.

As a clinical psychologist based in Los Angeles, Richard received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology through the Saybrook University, with an emphasis in Spirituality and Consciousness. Richard brings his depth of knowledge, along with his unique understanding of individual challenges in the context of community and the broader society, to create an empathetic and informed space for people to find solutions from within.

Richard has a book published on the integration of spirituality and psychology entitled “Qualitative Kabbalah: The Value of Living a Spiritual System.” Buy the book on Amazon.

He offers treatment for:

Relationships in Distress
Stress Management
Addiction and Recovery Issues
Life Transitions
Anger Management
Issues of Self Esteem
Grief and Loss


Goal-Oriented therapy for:

Men’s Health
Healthy Relationships
Career/Financial Issues
Finding Purpose, Focus, and Time
Mind and Body Connection
Creating an Authentic Vision for Life

Training and Certifications:
Somatic Experience
Certified Mental Performance Coaching

Richard Oelberger works with:

High Profile Personalities, and more…

Richard provides customized approaches to help you thrive, collaborating with each individual to:

Gain keys and guidance to move through challenges.

Resolve internal conflict by taking ownership of your inner world.

Focus on your purpose so you can make an impact.

Realize your unique vison for your life.