Dr. Richard Oelberger is a psychotherapist and certified performance coach for athletes, leaders, and individuals who want to achieve success, find greater happiness, and realize their full potential.

Are you craving something more?

More freedom, more growth, more results?

If you want to achieve new goals, realize new dreams, and experience unprecedented success without burnout, stress, and anxiety, then Dr. Oelberger can show you how so you can:

Connect with your significant other and develop satisfying relationships.

Become an influential leader in your business, workplace, family, and community.

Enjoy your hard-earned success in new, exciting, and healthy ways.

Realize your version of success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Achieve concrete goals in months, not years.

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What do today's high-achievers need to create breakthroughs?

Another morning routine, a personal development seminar, or a copy of the latest thought leader's bestseller? NO!

Now more than ever, high- achievers need the rare ability to trust themselves to create success and fulfillment.

So, how do you become self-directed, self-determined, and fully expressed?

You need to get beyond diagnosis and constructs of success.

Based on over 15 years of experience, teaching, and mentorship, Dr. Oelberger believes that integrating passion, play, and mastery of human emotions and experience is the key to creating a new generation of leaders who can embrace and create change. In a world that moves as fast as a click, life demands those who can respond in new, dynamic, creative, and collaborative ways.

What would it be like to unleash your unlimited potential without fear, lack, or obligation holding you back?

How would it feel to live with absolute purpose and never-ending abundance in every area of your life?


Dr. Richard Oelberger invites you to a LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS.

Making Change in 2024

LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS is a series of one-on-one coaching sessions with Dr. Oelberger designed to get you unprecedented results while redefining and expanding the nature of who you are.

Get direct, raw, and real as you:

  • Make passion, play, progress, and happiness an inherent part of your nature.
  • Tap into your unlimited potential in all areas of life.
  • Expand your natural capacity to take on more while staying healthy, balanced, and focused.
  • Stop reaching for distractions and take back your ability to take action.
  • Unseat deep and repetitive patterns that keep you stuck so you can experience a new reality.
  • Save time, money, and stress in solving the same issues over and over again.
  • Learn the skill of "addition by subtraction" so you can enjoy the success you've earned doing less.
  • Experience a life without limits!


Take an in-depth inventory of your current situation

Reset your motivation and align with what truly matters

Activate a new program that drives your new vision

Optimize your mind, body, and spirit to support your rise

What's In It?

Unlike other "cookie cutter" programs, working with Dr. Oelberger is a fully customized experience designed to meet your individual goals, unique needs, and lifestyle. You receive: 

Direct Messaging Access through text and weekly One-on-One 60-minute sessions

Full Suite Access to research-based tools, techniques, and modalities to increase your capacity for more, sustain your growth, and make progress movement an inherent part of your being.

On-Demand Visualizations with pre-recorded meditations tailored specifically to your goal

On-site "Game-time" support for specific events, consultations, and pivotal decision-making moments 

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Ruthless Compassion

Dr. Oelberger approaches coaching with "Ruthless Compassion," holding the space for where you are while pushing you toward what you know you can achieve.

Working with Dr. Oelberger's steadfast expert support and the latest tools in performance optimization can change your life in ways you can feel daily.


  • You describe yourself as a "perfectionist," "high-achiever," or "high-performer."
  • You work hard but love playing harder!
  • You're ready to live a life without limits.


  • You're satisfied with the status quo of your life.
  • You're addicted to blame, shame, and putting off what's truly important to you.
  • You're unwilling to confront what's really holding you back.

Different results require more than just different actions. 

Change is never easy. 

Change demands that we become the people we are meant to be.

Are you ready to get off the therapist coach and personal development treadmill and launch into a LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS?

Act now.

A limited number of sessions with Dr. Oelberger are available for those willing to invest and commit to their growth and change.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I be in therapy and coaching?
Yes, Dr. Oelberger can create a plan that works for you.

I don't consider myself a high achiever, but I want to be. Can Dr. Oelberger help?
Yes, as long as you are committed to progress.

Is coaching with Dr. Oelberger right for me?
Schedule a discovery session today.


Dr. Oelberger is a colleague, coach, and facilitator at the Remarkable Men's Practice. One of the things I admire about Dr. Oelberger is his ability to make men feel connected to him quickly but meaningfully. He is naturally curious about everyone he meets, and this curiosity draws men to him. He combines this curiosity with intense care and deep compassion. These traits combine powerfully, supercharging the profound impact on those he works with.

Mark Rothman
Progress Coach and RMP Facilitator

I have been working with Dr. Oelberger for the past six months. He has supported my personal growth with accountability and guidance. Through our weekly meetings, I have been able to identify blind spots and be held accountable for following through with my commitments. As a result, I have been able to meet and surpass my goals and improve my quality of life by being in integrity with my needs and desires.

I recommend Dr. Oelberger as a therapist, a coach, and a mentor since he has filled all three of these shoes in my experience. I am grateful for the experience and continue working with Dr. Oelberger.

David Lavian

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