Sports Psych/Packages–Richard Oelberger

Richardlistens program is designed to enhance focus, build confidence, and enhance motivation. We will also collaborate to become more resilient and tackle challenges in the realm of mental skills.

Dr Richard Oelberger PhD

Who are sports psych resources best for?

Weekend warriors/ Adults/ Youth athletes aspiring to the next level

Our Services

Professional/ Elite and specialized

Injured athletes or those in transition to another sport or out of sport to other ventures

Services -

  • On field
  • Team talks
  • Group communication exercises
  • Coach consulting and support
  • In office program focus
  • Assessment of sports psych needs
  • Appreciation of unique demands of each athlete and their sport
  • Goal setting and development of athlete awareness
  • Evaluation and education of mental skills
  • Biofeedback
  • Meditation/Mindfulness strategies- “quieting the monkey mind”
  • Breathwork
  • Follow-up and support

Our Packages

6 session package


  • Free initial 20 minute consult
  • Unlimited text and email
  • Handouts and reference material

12 Session package


  • Sessions can be spread out over a six month period
  • Sessions can be help in person or via Skype

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