3 Ways to Be Courageous During the COVID-19 Pandemic

“Courage is not the absence of fear. It’s the ability to take action despite your fear.”

I talk to and work with many people, and the most common thing that I discovered to get in their life’s way of success is- Fear.

The most effective way to overcome fear, which I tell my clients is to show your Courage. Feeling courageous may sound challenging, especially during a pandemic, but that is the first step is to move on and be in control.

The Coronavirus is changing the daily routines of people all around the world and becoming the new normal. People from different professions along athletes are now getting adjusted to this new reality. Up to the present, it is unknown when gyms, training facilities, and live-action sports will return as society begins to adjust to life with COVID-19.

How to find that Courage and lead as performers, as athletes, and as human beings despite the circumstances? These tips might help!

1) Face Your All Unresolved Emotions

We have this tendency to hold on to our pain and revisit those painful moments (abuse, childhood trauma, or grief) from our past time and again. To find that Courage is to come face to face to those deep-rooted emotions and work through them. You can conquer your fears and lead your emotions by learning to deal with life’s uncertainties. For athletes, finding Courage could also mean digging deeper, pushing ourselves to face greater challenges, and taking higher risks to be a leader, achieve new goals, or to be a better teammate.

Using somatic experiencing techniques can also help improve tolerance and increase your natural ability to self-regulate for better stress management.

2) Access to Mental Health & Social Support
If you have a difficult time to find that ray of Courage, ask for help. There is an abundance of resources available that you will find on online platforms such as Endurance, Headspace, and Insight timer. Please take advantage of their services. Seek out or continue to visit virtually a licensed mental performance consultant. Humans are social beings, so don’t hesitate to get social support, particularly in this period of social distancing.

Rest assured, we are dealing with a lot of emotions right now, and everything you feel is valid! Still, you must know you are never alone. With the help of the right mental health support, you can get through these extraordinary times.

3) Reframe Your Mindset

Your inner Courage will determine how far you will reach in achieving your goals and the degree to which you will continue to thrive as we transition into life post quarantine.

To sustain that Courage, you need to be mindful of your outlook towards life no matter what is happening outside. Stop and check-in with yourself throughout the day and observe how you are handling challenges that life throws at you. Do you succumb to the pressure or fight against it? The key here is to be positive and look for solutions. It needs a little courage to shift your mindset from the darkness of worry to the light of hope.

The COVID-19 pandemic will soon be history. Let’s grab this opportunity to work on ourselves by controlling what we can accept, what we can’t, and embrace the innumerable hidden blessings that await us.

If you feel you need professional guidance to stay motivated and focus on your goal, contact me online and avail of my various telehealth services.