Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Fail: How to Achieve Your Goals AND feel Good in the Process

New Ways to Create a New You

Do you find yourself overcommitted but for “good reason”?

Are you only making time for new creative projects or that dream business after you “make enough money,” after you “take care of the kids,” or when” the moment is right”?

If you struggle to move from stuckness into progress and from emotional overwhelm into freedom and movement, you know that having concrete and logical goals moves you forward only temporarily. Still, long-range motivation and inspiration are challenging to maintain. You’re not alone. According to Forbes, nearly 80% of people admitted abandoning their New Year’s resolutions by February.

Here are two unique ways to reach your goals, maximize your potential, and realize your dreams any time of the year.

First, focus on the energetic characteristics of a short-term or visionary long-term goal.

Making fun and exciting goals is the first step towards taking action. If you are excited, you will be willing to take “massive action, “break habits and comfort zones, and go where it is uncomfortable. If you think it is a good idea or that it might be a good idea because your partner or boss says so or it’s something you “should” be doing, the flame will likely burn out. So, think light, fun, and big when visualizing your goals this year.

Hint: Did you ever dream of playing like Kobe, Shaq, or Jokic? Did you ever dream of being like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, or Jessica Alba in business? Feel the excitement of emulating some of your superheroes!

The second part is having a strategy for accomplishing your goal.

Who will you go to for support or to execute? How will you build a business you are passionate about while working a day job? How will you balance that new relationship while winning in all other areas? What limiting beliefs do you need to put down? Which expansive beliefs will you practice implementing and picking up? Lastly, where will you go for your accountability and support? No one goes it alone on the path to success!

Are you thinking or judging me? Perfect! Now, go out and channel your inner hero!

The world and your future depend on it!