Checking-In for 2024 | What’s working? What’s Not?

Making New Year’s Resolutions and  Plans for Real Change?

Whether it’s making it a dry January, signing up at the gym to lose that holiday weight, or deciding to intensify or clarify our relationships or dating life, every year starts with an opportunity to take a fresh accounting of where we stand in all areas of our life and where we want to grow.

Taking stock can help us see what we want out of life and how to maximize how we show up to create those changes. Plus, taking an inventory can be helpful for self-assessment and accountability if you are a high-performance individual.

Here’s an inventory you can use to propel your potential in 2024:

1. What did I accomplish in the last year? How did I show up as the person I aspire to be? What major areas still need my attention in 2024?

2. Where did I fall short of my goals in 2024 or experience a perceived letdown of failure? (FYI, it can be triggered by an acting strike, economy, health, etc…) What did I learn about myself in the process, and what changes can I make to prevent something like this from happening again?

3. In the fewest steps, what steps do I need to take to achieve the change I desire or seek? Which steps am I most likely to follow? When can I commit to start?

4. What are one or two things getting in the way of my growth or improvement? What are two ways I can begin to overcome them?

Don’t forget to take an emotional inventory, too.

Even ask yourself why you chose an activity, hobby, or career, what you love about it (or more importantly, what you did when you first started), or what you thought you would gain when you started, compared to how you feel today, are crucial components of feedback. You can use insights from this inventory to form a time-centered, measurable focus and place a sense of control and direction back into your mindset.

As you move into your long-term aspirational or motivational vision for 2024 and a short-term goal-oriented focus, taking an inventory throughout the year can help you celebrate, track, and achieve your growth!

Finally, use your inventory to see your small steps toward victory and celebrate!

It’s so easy to skip the fun and celebratory part when driven by the subsequent success or milestone. Remember, keeping your internal lives filled with positive emotions is the secret sauce to winning!

What are the wins you’re celebrating so far in 2024? Where do you see yourself in 2024, and what steps will you take to get there?

I’d love to know!

Wishing you tremendous success,

Richard Oelberger, PhD