Rich Man & the Poor Man


15 some years ago, I moved coasts. I left NY and lived in a bunk in my cousin’s night club. It was the most “on a limb” I had ever been and was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. 

While I worked security and odd jobs to make the jump from graduate school to Los Angeles life, there were many challenges, but there were also opportunities to meet amazing musicians, fire breathers and talent managers. 

That’s when I met my dear friend, Charles Davis III, acting coach, voice over specialist (and leader of men at Vitello’s this recently.)

One night in particular, in the dark club atmosphere, Charles appointed me head of security and charged me with guarding the list. It was a small move but a significant one to a man finding his feet. The universe would’ve known this would spark a friendship of 15 years and an opportunity to be connected to music, kinship and life.

I hope on behalf of Richardlistens and our team, we look forward to having Charles on the show in 2019 and hope you seek him out if you need coaching, a concert, or just a leg up in life!!!

Charley, I am grateful to Fais Dodo and my cousin for the intro, you are a gift!