Riding for Education


4 years ago, I left my county job on skid row.

The job taught me many valuable lessons; It was a gift of vision seeing so many teens without opportunities before them. I was left wondering what they had been given from the start?

I vowed to get healthier and find communities that created opportunity through education, wellness and fitness.

Yet such a community struggles to become what it aspires to be without donors.

I guess in that way International Children’s Academy is my mirror. I hope you’ll consider even a small donation- anything so that the doors or education, access and awareness can be spread.

Whether you are in Los Angeles or apart of my global community of friends, your generosity impacts children learning an I.B. Curriculum from a young age and teaches them to be social and impactful contributors as well as learners.

Thanks for reading instead of scrolling past and for taking a few moments to give of your hard earned money.

We will ride and earn it on June 2nd, that much I promise!!!