The Secret to Reinventing Yourself

Secret to Reinventing Yourself

“The more things change, the more things stay the same.” As we seek to change ourselves, paradoxically, old patterns become fixed and hardened.  What do we need to create lasting transformation? I recommend creating a new program focusing on self-care, self-love, and self-acceptance.   Why it works. . . The Baseline: Self-care pulls our nervous system … Read more

Checking-In for 2024 | What’s working? What’s Not?

Making New Year’s Resolutions and  Plans for Real Change? Whether it’s making it a dry January, signing up at the gym to lose that holiday weight, or deciding to intensify or clarify our relationships or dating life, every year starts with an opportunity to take a fresh accounting of where we stand in all areas … Read more

Feeling Twisted

Getting twisted in our many roles… What are the ways you describe yourself? As a father, therapist, athlete, and man searching for meaning, I often feel twisted at this stage of the game. After spending 15 months in my garage, my midsection favors the door while my head focuses on the Zoom camera. Secondly, my … Read more

Stop, Look and Listen


Stop, what’s that sound? Do you remember Pre Covid parties with a DJ that played the Buffalo Springfield song over and over again? Have you sung along to the chorus, “I think it’s time we stop / Children, what’s that sound? / Everybody look what’s going down?”.  To me, this song is a reminder to … Read more

Memory, Emotion, and Trauma: Flashback to Before Covid-19

FLASHBACK INTO THE PAST Memory, emotion, and trauma can be surreal.  Just hours ago at a “drive by” Bar Mitzvah crawl,  socially distanced, friends, and family gather to celebrate a boy’s 13th birthday, a special coming of age in Jewish tradition. The idea that two kids had organized events on the same block, hinted at … Read more

Staying Connected in the New Normal of COVID-19

THE NEW REALITY Was it just me or was even the Superbowl off key this year? There were definitely less fans. We couldn’t celebrate in large groups. The famed Bud Light commercials had disappeared.  Something was off! Even the skilled performance of a Grammy award winning musician, carefully represented with social distance, missed connecting with … Read more