Gain Peak Performance Capability with Certified a Sport Psychology Consultant

No wonder, a fulfilled life is a dream of all and to reach that goal, having a positive view on life is a key ingredient. Still, we can’t deny the fact, people are surrounded by crises and worries and this has an impact on our mental as well as physical well-being.

To reframe the life of people undergoing difficult experience an enhanced career, hiring a certified mental performance consultant is the wisest decision. With the highest levels of expertise, a Clinical psychologist guides individuals from different walks of life and helps them combat mental and stress-related conditions to regain peace of mind.

How Sport Psychology Consultant Transforms Athletes Life?

The pressure of competition and personal life stress can be the reason players underperform. Therefore, qualified sports psychologists work on the overall growth of the professional, collegiate, along with developing and amateur athletes by enhancing performance to building confidence. They provide training sessions to help athletes learn self-regulation skills to perform well in the competitive arena of sports as well as in their personal lives.

Furthermore, Somatic Experience and cognitive behavioral therapy services provided by the consultants thoroughly measure levels of stress and anxiety to reconstruct the cognitive attitudes, beliefs, and internal behavior of players.

The psychologists devise treatment plans focusing on each particular athlete’s challenges to cater to their needs. The sports consultants help every player to deal with performance blockages by improving their resiliency skills.

Why Choose Richard Oelberger in Los Angeles? 

Dr. Richard Oelberger is a prominent, experienced and certified Mental Performance Consultant, podcast host, and private practitioner who has helped many athletes, coaches, and families enjoy an unstressed career. With his expertise in Somatic psychology, he assures to bring a turning point in a player’s life by helping them get control of their mental game.

As a guide and a coach, Richard facilitates mindfulness exercises, encourages players to identify strengths and work on their weaknesses in order to stay ahead. The Psychological Assessment services offered by this licensed psychologist helps players analyze and understand what makes them fall behind.

No matter the athlete or sports team, Richard’s cognitive behavioral therapy is best designed to bring a positive change in the player’s thought process. Besides, to address the mental problems of clients at remote far locations and impacted by the current dynamic, telehealth sessions are provided to bridge the gap.

If any emotional or mental obstacles are troubling you and holding you back in your personal and professional life, then feel free to consult Los Angeles’s leading clinician, listener, interviewer, and professor in sports psychology. Give a call at 424-209-7234 or you can send an email at