How To Keep The Kids Active When They Are Home All Day

Schools across the country have been shut down, and all kid’s sports have been abandoned for now to stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Parents and kids are gradually adjusting to a new routine and trying to do their best to make the most of their new normal. However, with such short notice, many parents are finding it challenging to keep their children occupied and looking for ways to stay active themselves.

Sport or any healthy physical activity plays a critical role in making kids happier, healthier, more resilient, and socially engaged.

How do you encourage kids with the activities they can enjoy from the safety of home during the COVID-19 lockdown?

Be A Positive Role Model:

Now is the perfect opportunity for parents or guardians to engage with your children and teach them how to express their emotions and distress themselves in this uncertain time. Remember, your children, no matter how big or small they are, look up to you. You can be their most crucial sporting role model and help them respond positively under these circumstances.

Set a good example in front of them by being resilient and stable rather than showing panic and despair. Educate your children about the pandemic in a constructive way and avoid fueling any negative emotions over sport-specific decisions and updates. You have to be there with them at every step. Talk to them, listen to their queries, and respond productively. This is an opportunity for all relationships to grow, especially those between athletes and sports parents.

Encourage and Engage in Productive Activities

Staying physically active helps the brain cope better with stress and anxiety. Try to brainstorm alternative ways to engage in hobbies or activities, and provide suggestions for self-care. Join them in playing games, throwing a baseball in the yard, learn a dance routine, practicing gymnastic or acrobatic tricks (in a safe place), or do some strengthening or work on dribbling skills in the driveway.

Keep Children Busy

Ensure your kids are busy as it will help them avoid focusing all of their attention on the pandemic’s negative aftereffects, such as event cancellations, school closures, social isolation, and others. Sport and active games can provide a crucial balance, physically and mentally, for you and your children. Given the present situation, it might affect your child’s mind with thoughts of not being able to play in games or as they would normally and some may suffer a type of struggle with their identity as well. It is fair to let them process such feelings, but you have to step in and find meaningful ways to spend their time in productive activities, rather than allowing them to completely get lost in their mobile or TV screens (whenever possible!).

Take Care Of Yourself, Too

To make sure your kids stay physically and mentally healthy, you must take care of yourself. Set up your self-care routine so that you can effectively manage stress and regulate your emotions to support your family and friends. Stay in touch with other parents, specifically ones who have children of similar ages as yours virtually. Connect with the parents to your kids’ teams, to support each other, normalize your feelings, and solve problems together.

In Conclusion

Supporting your children’s emotional well-being is critical amid the uncertainty right now. We understand that all the parents and guardians are having a tough time dealing with kids’ emotions. Following the tips shared above will help you reduce the impact of this global pandemic and strengthen you to move forward confidently.

While we often try to reduce the amount of time kids spend online, digital connections can sometimes be our friend’s need. You can take the help of a professional Mental Performance Consultant online in case the children show any emotional or behavioral concerns. Richard Oelberger is highly experienced in providing services to help parents and kids to stay active and healthy at home.

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