How To Find a Top Sports Psychology Consultant

There is a growing demand for sport psychology consultants to give that competitive edge among athletes and coaches. A sport psychology consultant helps athletes to overcome mental roadblocks and improve their overall performance.

There are many different names that one can use for a person with expertise in sport psychology, such as- sports psychologists, performance enhancement consultants, mental coaches, sports consultants, etc. However, only those who are qualified and have a relevant degree, however few have a Ph.D. in Clinical psychology, and also are licensed in a state can legally call themselves sports psychologists as well as offer their services as a sport psychology consultant.

When looking for the right sport psychology consultant for you or your players, you need to keep some points in mind:

1) Identify Your Requirements

Before hiring someone, analyze your problem areas for which you are seeking the services. Are you looking for someone who can assist athletes during the injury rehabilitation process by developing a performance psychology program? Or are you looking for an expert who can deal with the athletes having drug and alcohol abuse problems or eating disorders? Once you are clear with the types of services you are looking for, you will be able to decide what kind of sport psychology consultant fits your needs and the expertise that person should have.

2) Perform Some Networking

You can ask some of your colleagues if they can give a reference for a good sports psychologist in the area, or explore the local college/university physical education department to get a referral. You can also survey your local area for someone with expertise in sport psychology or may get some help from the state psychological association that may have a referral network. You can also find a reliable, certified mental performance consultant online.

3) Interview the Sport Psychologist

Talk to the person carefully to find out his or her educational background, credentials, certified as a consultant by a recognized organization. Know if the person has the prior experience helping athletes with the mental game. Has the sport psychologist worked with athletes or, if yes, then in what sports and at what level? Gauge if the sport psychologist can provide any recommendations. As long as you find a mental performance expert that understands your sport and has the desired experience, he or she can help you.

Bottom Line

There are many practitioners with expertise in sport psychology that are offering their services, but it is always better to do digging to find the best.

No one can deny the importance of psychology in any sport, and taking advantage of every area of expertise that matches the needs of you and your players would be a sensible decision.

Richard Oelberger, Ph.D., S.E.P., CMPC is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant in sports psychology, who supports the internal focus, clarity, and processing of his clients through EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for towards peak performance. Visit his website online and know the services he offers.